Easy Faux-fro!

Afros are undoubtedly gorgeous, so kudos to all the African beauties that pull them off so well! Although my afro-inspired curls are probably only mediocre at best, it did sort of work out and it felt so amazing. No lie. I kept shaking and scrunching my hair purely because it was so soft and fluffy…werk it Solange (who certainly has better hair than I ever will).


So I, having naturally straight-wavy hair, achieved this look by following a YouTube tutorial (YouTube is honestly a saint), and using bobby pins, hairspray and a hair straightener (and a sister).

How I did it:IMG_0452.JPG

  1. I sectioned my hair and sprayed it from afar (not too close as that will cause uneven coverage). I then opened the bobby pin so it looked like this (right):
  2. After the preparatory stage, I took a thin strand of hair, and made an infinity/figure 8 sign with my hair, threading it through the pin, creating a consistent loop.
  3. I used the straightener to apply heat to the now-looped strand, to ensure that it’s fixed.
  4. After I was done messing about with my hair, I sprayed it all, removed the bobby pins and … and voila!

Notes: * You can choose to remove the sole bobby pin right after, but I decided to leave them all in for a while, just so it could stay for longer.

*There is an alternative no-heat method, but that requires wire bobby pins that lock. What you need to do is start out with damp hair, repeat the same method above minus the straightener, and sleep with it overnight.

My results:


If I don’t make any sense or if you prefer to watch a YouTube tutorial (I don’t blame you), then here is the very link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=or7QlMiYvCA

No-heat method: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnZZoE_6gXM

Remember to have fun creatin’ ya ‘fro! (even if it kills your shoulders.)

-Lara, self-proclaimed weaveologist


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