Mushroom Scrambled Eggs (with onions…and peppers…and cheese…and tomatoes…and love)

I decided to cook this because I needed something simple to make to actually satisfy my hunger on a rather gloomy Tuesday morning. I love frying eggs with vegetables as I’m not a huge fan of unaccompanied eggs (I will tell you why below). By using onions, peppers and mushrooms, all of which are found on a typical Vegetarian pizza (aka heaven), made me more than excited to devour this meal. (Okay, maybe I’m over exaggerating). I also grilled sliced tomatoes which were quite huge in my (humble) opinion and adding salt and pepper to these grilled bad boys made the dish seriously good, I almost forgot it was meant for brunch. I added Philadelphia cream cheese whilst scrambling the eggs as anyone would tell you that mushrooms and Philadelphia are almost synonymous. By the way, seasoning your food brings out amazing flavours. Don’t forget to do it. So do it.


Results: The lighting doesn’t do this dish any justice but it was delicious and, as stated previously, I’m not a huge fan of eggs.

Why Lara Isn’t a Huge Fan of Eggs

  1. My mother told me a story about how she once cracked an egg open on a frying pan… only to find a living chick.
  2. There was this time where my father would just eat eggs. So I would just be in the kitchen cooking eggs because I thought I’d love it. I mean, I was given the opportunity to experiment but you just get tired of the same thing everyday, ja feel?
  3. They stink. And for a whole day everything will smell like egg. Even if you’re at the park. Away from home. In Peru. Egg odour. Everywhere.

-Lara, girl with abnormal affection for vegetables


P.S. I do not intend on steering you away from your precious eggs but cook this dish…it’s pretty damn good. Let this talking egg convince you.


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