Makeup Debate

People are entitled to their own opinions, I know. But sometimes it goes a bit too far. This was circulating a while ago.


The sheer number of people that tweeted ‘This is why I don’t trust women’, ‘This is why I have trust issues’ and that people who wear makeup ‘trick’ everyone surprised me.

It’s frustrating to see how people, boys and girls alike, believe that makeup is to trick you into believing that one is beautiful. Beauty comes in different forms, whether it’s aesthetic or innate. When a woman, or even a man, chooses to apply makeup, it is not in an attempt to ‘trick’ others. For some, makeup, a form of art, is an expression of one’s self, while for others, it merely enhances their existing beauty.

Do not let anyone push you into feeling like an outcast for whatever you choose to do with yourself. Do yourself a favour – not others, and if you feel confident with or without makeup then don’t let anyone bring you down. Be true to yourself, and that doesn’t necessarily mean to embrace your natural beauty. Of course, embracing one’s natural beauty is advocated all the time to counteract the media enforcing this image of the ‘ideal woman’ on society, but then again, someone is bound to complain. In the wise words of Rihanna: People gon’ talk whether you doin’ bad or good.

If you hate makeup, good for you. If you love makeup, that’s even better. But there is no need to incessantly judge and ridicule one’s appearance. If you happen to wear a lot of makeup, or no makeup at all, then so be it. Don’t let another person feel bad for not holding the same opinion or priorities as you. “You look tired, you’d look much better with some mascara on” or “I don’t wear any makeup, people who wear it look like clowns”. You can advise someone and politely express your opinion, but there is no need ridicule them for their own or make assumptions i.e. ‘tricking’ others. Of course, makeup is seen to be a remedy for insecurities, but then again, everyone is insecure in some way and not everyone is blessed with natural beauty. However, everyone has the potential to be innately beautiful by being a better person.

– Lara, girl who finished venting and is now laughing at the Simpson’s gif (attached) 



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