Winter Treats: Hot Chocolate

It’s amazing how everything that looks pretty…is pretty damn unhealthy for you. Oh well, make it your YOLO drink…just kidding, I’m NOT the BOSS of you so DO as YOU please. (Note the reference to Carol Rossetti’s fabulous art). By the way, this hot chocolate is so easy to make… and so delicious to drink…in my opinion, anyway.


Cadbury Bournville Cocoa


Hot Milk (I used Nido)

Whipped Cream

Cinnamon powder

Flake Bar

Instructions (as seen on the container): Single Cup Mix half to one teaspoon of Cadbury Cocoa into a smooth paste with a little cold milk. Add hot milk whilst stirring briskly. Sweeten to taste *(adding sugar will change the nutrition and increase calories consumed).

I topped it off with whipped cream and inserted a mini flake bar in the cream. I sprinkled cinnamon on my hot chocolate, but you can use cocoa!


-Lara …I don’t have much to say but, just so you know, that mug is from my aunt and I love it.


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