‘Only’ Lyric Video Review


It’s not the song (I actually like it). It’s obviously the video. The audio clip was released two weeks ago on Nicki Minaj’s vevo and 59,435  people liked the video and 4,058  disliked it. This is typical of most ‘music’ videos on YouTube. But a week later, a video, not even the official video, but the lyric video was released, garnering 80,066  likes and 40,045  dislikes. This was most probably due to the depiction of the totalitarian regime in the video, otherwise representative of the Nazi regime led by Hitler, an action Minaj took full responsibility for, despite being unaware of these evident references. It was even thought to be ‘glorifying Hitler’ in a sense. The man responsible for the art behind this video is Jeff Osborne who retaliated by stating, “…if my work is misinterpreted because it’s not a sappy tearjerker, sorry I’m not sorry.” This provoked a mass of hate comments and accusations of antisemitism towards Minaj, despite her insistence on her video producer, videographer and even her boyfriend (who?) being Jewish.

In my opinion, I do not think Nicki had intentionally agreed to this Nazi imagery in her video, let alone gather this much criticism. I mean, come on, who would want that? I thought Minaj was meant to represent female power and freedom from oppression – but obviously it was badly expressed. I mean, could the swastika-like flags, with the record label’s (Young Money) initials, be any more obvious? The person behind it was Osborne, and he doesn’t seem very keen on apologizing anytime soon.

 “The reason I’m not apologizing is because neither I nor the video are anti-semitic. I can’t be sorry for something I’m being falsely accused of. The video represents Young Money as a generic totalitarian regime, which takes images and symbols from several countries and time periods, one of which is Nazism.”

Nicki Minaj is obviously not an anti-Semite and no, that conclusion is not a result of her continuously naming many of her Jewish acquantances. I just genuinely do not believe she had any purpose of doing this and she obviously had no clue what such a video would do to her image. She could claim that it was inspired by Metalocalypse (cartoon network television series?) and Sin City all she wants, but that’s obviously not what the artist said… it’s okay though, Nicki. I believe you. Just don’t do it again.

-Lara, mastering the art of understanding




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