My Take On Feminism

‘If feminism is a theory about the equality of the sexes, then why is it called feminism?’

On, 81% voted that feminism is sexist, while the other 19% voted that it was not sexist.

My argument is about how the idea of feminism has been tainted – not by feminists, but by anti-feminists. I’m not saying I agree with all ‘feminists’ but I do agree with the theory. If I had to define myself or associate myself with a movement, I would be both a feminist and an egalitarian. I believe in equality. However this continuous stereotype of the ‘man-hating butch feminists’ dangerously exists and pervades the internet. If feminists were to abandon feminism, society will degrade for both sexes.

The theory is, by definition, the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes. The theory itself is not sexist. In the concept of feminism, women are not considered any better than men and they are certainly not ‘man-haters’. Full stop. However, feminists can alter their beliefs, just as others choose to change people’s perception of feminism.

As a feminist, I want men and women to be equal. This is my belief. And until this equilibrium is reached, then there is no need to say feminism is sexist and should stop existing just because a few women have radical views or it’s bothersome to see women thrive in society. Feminism still needs to exist today. There are so many issues that need to be addressed – particularly in other cultures. The scrutiny of women and men in areas dominated by males/females was (and still is in some places) exceedingly high – and feminists aspire to end this.

Prejudice, whether religious, racial, sexual and gender discrimination, is something I cannot tolerate. And I’m sure you wouldn’t too. Feminism is about freeing ourselves from the social constraints that entrap us. It is feminism because females are generally perceived to be the inferior sex – not weaker, which we biologically are – but inferior. You must know that feminism is not exclusively for women – it’s a concept made for everyone. Where would both men and women be if it wasn’t for feminism? Although it is indeed a response to the patriarchy, it has helped women evolve, satisfying their true desires and not just existing as mere ‘sex creatures’. Men have been liberated from economic reliance, and they don’t need to be as ‘macho’ anymore – they can choose to be themselves. It is no longer an aberration to pursue a career that is gender-dominated so you can choose to become a police officer or a fashion designer. It has undeniably given everyone more freedom of choice. This is feminism.

-Lara, feminist


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