An apology and updates on my whereabouts

I sincerely apologise to my 0 readers out there. I am a bad friend. I am a bad blogger. I am just a bad person. SO I’M SORRY, OKAY? I was sOoOoOOo busy, you know? (I was so busy delaying this apology post…) No, but seriously…I was. So here’s just a post to first and foremost apologise for my absence (Lord, it’s been over 7 months?!?!) AND to update you.

  1. I’M SORRY.
  3. I’M SORRY.

Okay… so now I feel much better (We all know this is actually an apology to myself, really, it’s not like you give a damn).


Well my birthday happened (like, 5 FAHRIGGIN’ months ago)… aaaand so I’m 18 now! Woohoo! I have successfully completed my A levels! I got into my firm choice – University of Kent – to study Journalism and the News Industry! (Wow, I already know that I’m going to have a hard time… I can’t even update my blog once) And now I’m suffering from stress! WOOHOO!

On a serious note, I’ve been busy preparing as I’m going to be staying at Kent. I mean, it’s not too far away, but it’s a different experience. I’ll be staying in dorms, meeting different people, cooking for one -cue All Byyyyy Myself- so I’m basically growing up fer real. God, I’m making this sound so dramatic, please bear with me. Aaaanyway, I’m hoping to make a post soon about university essentials. Not that you care, I mean, YouTube exists. I still have quite a lot to buy though and a lot to pre-read so that explains my stress. I just feel like I have so much to keep up with yet I keep binge watching anime, kdramas, Friends and just a bunch of unnecessary things. Wazzz goin’ awnnn?

HERE’S A FUN POP QUIZ: Am I taking this too seriously? Tick yes or yes.

And to sum up this pointless, melodramatic and, I just realised, pretty narcissistic post, I’m sorry and I’m off to university/cry myself to sleep in 2 weeks.

-Lara, dramatic piece of shiitake mushroom. (Yes, I referenced Spy Kids.)


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