Here’s an official welcome (to my blog)…

Fun Fact: This blog was meant to be called Laranotcroft …hey, I thought it was funny. Too bad it was already taken.

lara dance

Explaining its existence: This blog was created in an impulsive attempt to channel my inner writer/critic. It is not necessarily an experiment but merely a method of self-actualization.

My aim: I’ll be reviewing and exploring products of entertainment and, in accordance with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, reputational (esteem) and physiological needs. And, you know, developing my rusty writing skills and getting to know thyself.

…and a fabulous farewell (from my blog)


-Lara Not Croft

P.S. I’m preeeetty sure that this will be novel (or food) oriented later on. It depends on what I crave. My bad.