An apology and updates on my whereabouts

I sincerely apologise to my 0 readers out there. I am a bad friend. I am a bad blogger. I am just a bad person. SO I’M SORRY, OKAY? I was sOoOoOOo busy, you know? (I was so busy delaying this apology post…) No, but seriously…I was. So here’s just a post to first and foremost apologise for my absence (Lord, it’s been over 7 months?!?!) AND to update you.

  1. I’M SORRY.
  3. I’M SORRY.

Okay… so now I feel much better (We all know this is actually an apology to myself, really, it’s not like you give a damn).


Well my birthday happened (like, 5 FAHRIGGIN’ months ago)… aaaand so I’m 18 now! Woohoo! I have successfully completed my A levels! I got into my firm choice – University of Kent – to study Journalism and the News Industry! (Wow, I already know that I’m going to have a hard time… I can’t even update my blog once) And now I’m suffering from stress! WOOHOO!

On a serious note, I’ve been busy preparing as I’m going to be staying at Kent. I mean, it’s not too far away, but it’s a different experience. I’ll be staying in dorms, meeting different people, cooking for one -cue All Byyyyy Myself- so I’m basically growing up fer real. God, I’m making this sound so dramatic, please bear with me. Aaaanyway, I’m hoping to make a post soon about university essentials. Not that you care, I mean, YouTube exists. I still have quite a lot to buy though and a lot to pre-read so that explains my stress. I just feel like I have so much to keep up with yet I keep binge watching anime, kdramas, Friends and just a bunch of unnecessary things. Wazzz goin’ awnnn?

HERE’S A FUN POP QUIZ: Am I taking this too seriously? Tick yes or yes.

And to sum up this pointless, melodramatic and, I just realised, pretty narcissistic post, I’m sorry and I’m off to university/cry myself to sleep in 2 weeks.

-Lara, dramatic piece of shiitake mushroom. (Yes, I referenced Spy Kids.)



Here’s an official welcome (to my blog)…

Fun Fact: This blog was meant to be called Laranotcroft …hey, I thought it was funny. Too bad it was already taken.

lara dance

Explaining its existence: This blog was created in an impulsive attempt to channel my inner writer/critic. It is not necessarily an experiment but merely a method of self-actualization.

My aim: I’ll be reviewing and exploring products of entertainment and, in accordance with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, reputational (esteem) and physiological needs. And, you know, developing my rusty writing skills and getting to know thyself.

…and a fabulous farewell (from my blog)


-Lara Not Croft

P.S. I’m preeeetty sure that this will be novel (or food) oriented later on. It depends on what I crave. My bad.