Winter DIY: When Boredom Strikes…


As you can see, I was clearly very bored. But also quite productive. I used objects and material which I thought could be revamped by colours and accessories, specifically for use during this absolutely freezing, and quite depressing, time of year. I decided to decorate my mug and beanie (yes I stayed on the safe side)!!!

Bookeater Sharpie Mug

I usually drink something hot and sweet whilst I’m reading and I thought I would exhibit my love for reading through my mug. My mug is quite messy but I love it like that because I feel that it describes moi. I mean, I love reading, I doodle a lot and I’m a fool for things which look simple yet edgy. Also, I do believe that I did my not-so-pretty mug some justice (cue happy high-schooler squeal after a drastic makeover).

What I did: I just doodled whatever (a stack of books and a huge heart in my case) I wanted on my mug with a sharpie and then heated the mug in the oven for about 30 minutes (as to set the design). Aaaand voila! I was really impressed with it, considering it was my first time permanently doodling on an object that I would be using. (Though I try to limit its usage as I am very scared the design will fade so TIP: Don’t be a Lara. Buy an oil-based marker.)

Black Beatles Beanie

Now as for my black beanie, which can be purchased anywhere, I just simply fastened a badge of the animated members of The Beatles to the side of my beanie. I thought placing the badge on the side would make the beanie look more mature, if ya know what I mean. Once again, I found this presentation of it quite simple – yet edgy.


Song in my head: Save Tonight – Eagle-Eye Cherry

*Have a wonderful winter…*

-Lara, girl who usually loves winter but is just not feelin’ it